Cary #198 Lodge Meeting w/ Third Degree Emergent @ 7pm

Monday, October 1, 2018 - 7:00pm   to   9:30pm


The Emergent meeting will start at 7 pm. For the purpose of examining the brother on his Second Degree catechism. 

Then the Stated Communication will start @ 7:30 pm. Business meeting will be addressed and the Third Degree will be conducted. 

(Practices for the Degree will be held on 9/23 & 9/30 @ 6pm)

Third Degree Roles as follows:

WM/King Salomon:  Eric Greene

SW/Hiram King of Tire:  Juan Huerta

JW:  Jacob Rogers

SD/1st Fellowcraft:  Ludwik Wodka

JD/2nd Fellowcraft:  Eric Selle

Secretary:  Bob Helms

Chaplain:  Stephen Nichols

Tyler:  Bill Ross

Stewards:  Jesse Herrerra, Jason Leymeister

1st Fellowcraft:  Ludwik Wodka

2nd Fellowcraft:  Eric Selle

3rd Fellowcraft:  Tim Krist

1st Ruffian:  Greg Wallace

2nd Ruffian:  Lonnie Holcomb

3rd Ruffian:  Brian Lewis


Lecturer:  Dave Winkler

Closing Charge:  Tim Krist


We will also need 9 additional Fellowcraft, so if you know any brothers from Cary 198 or other lodges you can reach out to who may be able to attend the degree on the 1st (and the practices if able), that would be much appreciated.


1142 SE Maynard Road, Cary, NC 27511